HOP CODE embodies everything that comes with beer - the taste, the experience, the joy, meeting new people, and collaboration.
We bring those elements together through our beer, working with great partners, and hosting events.

Our Beer

Our unfiltered Bavarian Helles is truly made for everyone. Whether you dream about IPAs on a regular basis or just learned what hops are, we believe that our beer is for you. Due to carefully selected ingredients and a process called dry-hopping, our Lager comes with a delicious freshness and flavor, while fully embracing the clean, smooth characteristics of a Bavarian Helles - a combination we believe brings out all the taste and perfection beer has to offer.

Ingredients are:
Water, Yeast, Barley Malt, Hops

The beer has 4.8% alcohol

Ordering our beer:

If you are interested in ordering our beer, please reach out to us
@ hophop@hopcode.bayern

Special Editions

MUST 2018

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Munich Summit 2018, an event that will be taking place on February 20 - 22. On the 21st, we’ll be accompanying the day with our beer. The Munich Summit brings together startups and industry leaders from Germany and across the world, providing a platform for interaction and innovation. We’re very excited to be part of this and to be providing our rebranded HOP CODE HELL. To learn more about the Munich Summit, check them out:


Schwebisch Hell

As the inspiration from our craft beer friends in Wuppertal was a big boost for us and a big contribution to HOP CODE , we are now happy to announce our collaboration for a rebranded HOP CODE ‘SCWEBISCH HELL’ Edition for the Craft Beer Kiosk. www.craftbeer-kiosk.de

About Us

HOP CODE wouldn't be around without our love for new, crazy ideas. For Christmas 2016, we came up with the idea of working with a brewery in order to brew a beer as a Christmas gift for our friends. The inspiration behind this was found in both the German and American beer culture, and we set out to combine the best of the two worlds. That's how the idea of creating a dry-hopped, unfiltered Helles Lager was born. When the beer was finished, the very first tasting left us speechless. The beer was exactly how we had envisioned it - fresh and smooth with the perfect amount of a fun, hoppy kick. In that moment, we knew that we wanted to make it into something more than a one-time Christmas gift. Since that day, a lot has happened. HOP CODE has become its own company, and our dive into the world of beer has been an exciting journey. Each step of the way we want to remember what we stand for: Delicious beer, bringing people together, and creating memorable experiences.


Markus Geier

Markus Geier

Jonas Geier

Jonas Geier

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